Ghetto films is a trust Organization with its inception as a clear show of people's collective power with roots and special tendrils of commitment, solidarity, sacrifice and the power of love for changing the livelihoods of the people in the Ghetto and slum areas.


Ghetto films considers media and arts as an important and integral part of every community's in; Integrating the media and arts into community development plans ,Engaging media and artists in planning ,Providing technical assistance ,Stimulating cultural tourism and Governmental and education systems need to establish stronger support systems for the arts that include arts incubators, apprenticeships, design centres, and educational training that includes business and marketing skills and performance skills.

Our Goal

Be a media and fine art center that promotes productive growth for informed communities through sustainable development.

Our Mission

Use alternative media and fine arts in educating and entertaining to mobilize community action.

Our Vision

Have Responsible and developed communities.


Our Objectives


General Objectives

Use alternative media and fine arts for just, responsible and developed communities  


Specific Objectives

·      Tap, nature and promote talent

·      To borrow the positive aspects of culture in activities by enhancing each other’s values.

·      Mobilize resource and initiate I.G.A’s for the communities.

·      To build a network of partners and exchange in activities, projects and programs.

·      Diversify our various activities to reach a wider audience.

·      Influence for a productive and distribution network to build our local industry.

·      Promote peaceful coexistence in the communities appreciating cultural diversity.

·      Use of alternative media for advocacy